The privacy policy
for Vouch users

Stanley Jobs, Inc. aka (“Vouch”)

Last Updated and Effective as of: December 7th, 2023

Please read the below Vouch privacy policy (collectively the “Privacy Policy”) carefully before using the Services. This Privacy Policy describes how Vouch collects, uses, shares and protects Your personal information and sets out the policies and procedures on such collection, use and disclosure of Your personal information when You use the Services. Additionally, the Privacy Policy informs You about Your privacy rights and how the law protects You. This Privacy Policy also applies to any individuals who apply for jobs with Vouch, whether online through the Platform or through any other means. 

By accessing or using the Services, You acknowledge that the Privacy Policy is incorporated herein by reference to the Vouch Terms and You agree to comply with and be bound by the Terms and Privacy Policy, which form the entire agreement between You and Vouch regarding the use of the Services. Any capitalized terms not defined herein shall have the meaning as defined in the Vouch Terms.

By using the Services, You acknowledge that Vouch may collect, use, share and otherwise treat Your personal information as permitted by and subject to this Privacy Policy. If You do not agree with this Privacy Policy or the Terms, You must refrain from using or accessing the Services.

1.      Information Collected by Vouch:

(a)   Account Information: When You create an account, Vouch collects personal information such as Your name, email address, Account information (including password), profile picture and other contact details. Additionally, Vouch will collect the information You provide, such as Your job title, work history and experience, education history, skills, certifications, companies, other professional qualifications and date of birth. To the extent made available by Vouch, if You create or log in to Your Account through a Third-Party Service (e.g., Google, Apple, Facebook sign-in), then Vouch will collect information shared by that Third-Party. 

(b)  Content: Vouch collects Your Content, including but not limited to, text, images, recordings or other media or information that is posted, uploaded, linked to or otherwise made available by You, regardless of the form of that content. Additionally, Vouch will collect any additional information You provide, such as personal information, professional interests or information You provide when You contact Vouch.

(c)   Usage Data: Vouch automatically collects information about Your interactions with the Services, such as log data, Device information (e.g., type of Device, operating system, etc.), browser type, IP address, unique device identifier, approximate location, including latitude and longitude, time-zone, pages visited, browser type and session data, such as the duration of Your visit, page views, etc. Vouch also uses Cookies (as defined and set out in the Vouch Cookie Policy below).

(d)  Communications: Vouch collects information when You communicate with Vouch or other Users, including but not limited to, messages, posts, and any attachments exchanged through the Services.

(e)   Job Applicant Information: Vouch will collect job applicant details in the context of Your application for employment. This may encompass personal details such as Your name, contact information (email, phone number), content from Your resume, CV, or other provided materials, specifics regarding Your qualifications, skills, experience, educational background, employment history, feedback from interviews, data obtained during reference checks, and Your status of work authorization. Vouch may keep Your information on file for other current or future work opportunities (unless You notify Vouch that You would like such information deleted). 

The foregoing shall collectively be referred to as “Information.”

2.     How Vouch Uses Your Information:

(a)   Provide Services: Vouch collects this Information in order to provide the Services, carry out the Terms and to serve various purposes in connection thereto, which include but are not limited to, ensuring You are qualified to use the Services (e.g., to confirm You meet the age qualification per User Eligibility), to enhance the functionality of the Service, overseeing and managing Your usage of the Services, help prevent security incidents and other malicious or illegal activity, help protect our Users, help protect and defend the rights of Vouch, personalize the Services to Your specific Account, including in order to share and suggest certain Content and to connect certain Users on the Services.

  • Anonymized Data – Vouch utilizes Your Information and usage of the Services to generate specific anonymized data essential for the functioning of the Services. This anonymized data, which may encompass statistics, salary ranges, and similar information, could be shared with other Users, Third-Parties or the general public. Notwithstanding anything contained herein, due to its de-personalized and anonymized nature and critical role in Service functionality, this Information cannot be deleted and is proprietary information of Vouch (“Anonymized Data”).

(b)  Communication: Vouch may use Your information to communicate with You about updates, features, relevant job opportunities, and other Service-related matters and to send You updates and marketing communications.

(c)   Analytics: Information collected is used for analytics purposes to understand User behavior, improve the Service’s functionality, develop new features, and enhance the User experience.

3.     Information Sharing:

Public Profile: Certain Information of Yours may be visible to other Users or the general public, depending on the nature of the Information shared.

Additionally, and in order to carry out the purposes of the Services and in certain and specific situations, Vouch may share Your Information with Third-Parties, including but not limited to:

(a)   Third-Parties connected to delivering the Services;

(b)  any Third-Party Service (such as payment processors, vendors, cloud storage providers, etc.); 

(c)   purposes such as security, compliance, analytics, and Platform upkeep;

(d)  complying with applicable laws and in response to legal obligations, such as cooperation with law enforcement, judicial orders, and regulatory inquiries, including in cases of fraud, security, or imminent harm;

(e)   to protect the rights of Vouch, the Vouch Entities or the rights of others; 

(f)    Vouch professional advisors, such as lawyers, accounting firms and auditors;

(g)   in connection with an asset sale, merger, bankruptcy, or other business transaction;

(h)  cases where You request that Vouch share certain information with Third-Parties, such as through Your use of social media widgets or login integrations;

(i)    Third-Parties in connection with a job application; 

(j)    or in situations where You give consent or at Your direction.

4.     Data Security: Vouch employs security measures to protect Your information from unauthorized access, misuse, alteration, or disclosure. However, no method of transmission over the internet or electronic storage is completely secure. As Vouch cannot guarantee information security, You agree to use the Services at Your own risk.

5.     Vouch Cookie Policy: 

Below is the “Vouch Cookie Policy” 

(a)   Explanation of Cookies: A Cookie is a small piece of data stored on a user's device by a website they visit, a pixel, and image contained in an email, etc. It holds information about the user's activity on the site, enabling the website to remember certain preferences or actions, such as login details, language settings, content posted, or past interactions. Cookies serve various purposes, including enhancing user experience, providing personalized content, and enabling website functionality. They are commonly used by websites to improve usability and tailor the user experience to individual preferences (collectively, “Cookie(s)”).

(b)  Types of Cookies:

a.     First-Party Cookies: These Cookies are set by the website that the user is currently visiting. They are used to enhance user experience by storing information such as preferences, site navigation history, and settings. First-party Cookies are primarily focused on improving the functionality of the website for the user.

b.     Third-Party Cookies: These Cookies are placed on a user's device by domains other than the one being visited. They are often used for tracking and collecting data across different websites for purposes such as advertising, analytics, and social media integration. Third-party Cookies enable Third-Party services or advertisers to gather information about a user's browsing behavior and preferences across multiple sites.

(c)   Specific Cookies Used:

Vouch uses both First-Party and Third-Party Cookies to optimize the Services, especially as it relates to improving the Platform experience, which includes but is not limited to, using Cookies to assist in counting how many Users visit a page on the Platform, keeping the Platform secure, and identifying popular features among Users. Cookies used by Vouch fall into the following categories. 

a.     Essential Cookies (Necessary Cookies): These Cookies are crucial for the core functionality of the Services. They enable basic operations such as page navigation, access to secure areas of the Platform, and ensuring proper display or functioning of the Platform. Essential Cookies do not require user consent because they are necessary for the site to function properly. As an example, Vouch uses an Essential Cookie/First-Party Cookie for the purpose of User authentication. 

b.     Non-Essential Cookies (Non-Necessary Cookies): These Cookies are not crucial for the basic functioning of the Services but serve other purposes, such as analytics, marketing, or preferences. Non-essential Cookies include those used for tracking User behavior, displaying Content, or running Third-Party Service(s) like advertising or social media integration. As an example, Vouch uses a Non-Essential Cookie/Third-Party Cookie for the purpose of Third-Party integration, such as SendBird. 

(d)  Cookie Consent: By using the Services, You are consenting to the use of Cookies as described in this Vouch Cookie Policy, regardless of receiving a Cookie notification.

(e)   Opt-Out Options: You have the option to manage Cookies through Your browser. In the event You clear Cookies via Your browser, You will be prompted to reconsent to the placement and utilization of Cookies upon Your subsequent visit to the Platform. Your browser may default to accepting Cookies and permitting automatic data collection unless You modify these settings. Most browsers offer options for controlling Your Cookie preferences. Please note, essential Cookies will always be set by Vouch, and if You choose to block these via Your browser settings, access to certain sections of Vouch Services may be restricted.

(f)    Third-Party Service(s) Cookies: By using the Services, Third-Party Services or partners may us Cookies in connection to Your activity, the terms of which are per their respective privacy policies.

(g)   General information about Cookies and what they are can be found at

6.     Children’s Privacy:

As set out in User Eligibility of the Terms, 

(a)   You must be at least 18 years old to use the Services and of the age of majority to work in Your Jurisdiction. Vouch does not seek or knowingly collect any personal information about minors under 18 years of age.

(b)  Users are strictly forbidden and not allowed to give Vouch the personal information of any persons under the age of 18 for any reason whatsoever. 

(c)   If Vouch becomes aware that Vouch has unknowingly collected information about a minor under 18 years of age, Vouch will make commercially reasonable efforts to delete such information from databases controlled by Vouch. 

(d)  Notwithstanding the foregoing, if You are the parent or guardian of a minor under 18 years of age who has provided us with their personal information, You may contact Vouch by e-mail at help@vouch.appto request that it be deleted.

7.     User Generated Content:

(a)   The Services enable Users to upload Content directly (this is as commonly referred to as 'User-Generated Content’). Vouch or Third-Parties may store, display, reproduce, publish, or utilize Content without necessarily attributing it to You. Access to Your Content may be available to others, who might further share it with Third-Parties. When Content is submitted to public areas of the Platform, it becomes 'public' and accessible by anyone, including Vouch.

(b)  Vouch does not control who accesses the information You choose to share and cannot guarantee the privacy or security of such information. Vouch bears no responsibility for the handling of publicly available information or features permitting Content creation, nor for how others utilize the Information You share. Vouch holds no liability for the accuracy, use, or misuse of any Information disclosed or received from Third-Parties.

8.     Third-Party Services and Links:

(a)   Vouch Services may feature links to external online platforms operated by Third-Parties Services. Please note that Vouch does not govern these external platforms and therefore does not assume responsibility for their content or their privacy policies or terms of use.

(b)  Information shared by You on public or semi-public forums on the Services or on Third-Party social networking sites (e.g., Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, etc.) may be accessible to other Users, users of those Third-Party platforms or the general public, without limitations on its usage by Vouch or any such Third-Parties. 

  1. Social Features Integration: Certain Platform functionalities facilitate interactions with Third-Party services or platforms, known as 'Social Features.'
  2.  Actions Supported: These features enable actions like accessing Vouch pages on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and Discord, permitting activities like 'liking' or 'sharing' content.
  3. Third-Party Data Usage: Utilizing Social Features or similar Third-Party services might involve these parties collecting or using Your data.
  4. Public Visibility: Content posted or shared through these features could be publicly visible on the respective Third-Party services.
  5. Data Access: Both Vouch and the Third-Party service may access information related to Your use of both the Platform and the Third-Party service.

(c)   Any data You provide directly to these Third-Parties on the Platform is governed by the respective Third-Party’s privacy policy and terms of use.

9.     California and Canadian User Specific Terms: 

This section applies only to California residents and/or Users based in Canada. 

For purposes of this section only, “Information” shall mean for: 

(a)   California residents the meaning given in the California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”) but does not include information exempted from the scope of the CCPA; and 

(b)  users based in Canada the meaning given in the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) or the relevant provincial privacy legislation but does not include information exempted from the scope of PIPEDA or the relevant provincial privacy legislation. 

In the past 12 months, Vouch has collected the categories of Information as set out above in the Privacy Policy. Vouch does not sell personal information to Third-Parties and has not done so in the past 12 months. Vouch does use certain marketing service vendors and in such cases, Information like Your Device and clickstream data may be collected by Vouch or such vendors through the use of cookies and pixels for targeted advertising. You can opt-out of cookies as set out in the Vouch Cookie Policy above.

The below table explains Vouch current practices, and Vouch practices for the past 12 months, related to the categories of personal information Vouch collects about You, the purposes for collecting personal information and whether Vouch discloses Your personal information, and if so, to whom.

 Categories of Information Collected:

o   Personal Identifiers: Name, address, email address, phone number, etc.

o   Source of Information: User Account activity, Information provided by Users, Cookies.

o   Purpose of Collection: To maintain and secure Your Account and allow You access to the Services.

o   Commercial Information: Records of products or services purchased, obtained, or considered, as well as Subscription history or tendencies.

o   Source of Information: User Account activity, Information provided by Users, Cookies.

o   Purpose of Collection: To provide You with access to the Services while customizing the Services to better suit Your needs.

o   Internet or Network Activity: Browsing history, search history, interactions with Service and/or Users.

o   Source of Information: User Account activity, Information provided by Users, Cookies, User’s browser.

o   Purpose of Collection: To provide You with access to the Services while customizing the Services to better suit Your needs.

o   Geolocation Data: General physical location.

o   Source of Information: User Account activity, Information provided by Users, Cookies, User’s browser.

o   Purpose of Collection: To provide You with access to the Services while customizing the Services to better suit Your needs.

o   Professional or Employment Information: Job history, professional history, current or past employment details.

o   Source of Information: User Accounts and Information provided by Users.

o   Purpose of Collection: To provide You with access to the Services while customizing the Services to better suit Your needs.

o   Education Information: Information related to education history.

o   Source of Information: User Accounts and Information provided by Users.

o   Purpose of Collection:  To provide You with access to the Services while customizing the Services to better suit Your needs.

o   Inferences Drawn from Personal Information: Profiles, preferences, characteristics, behaviors, attitudes, etc., drawn from collected information to create a user profile.

o   Source of Information: All sources as set out above. 

o   Purpose of Collection: To provide You with access to the Services while customizing the Services to better suit Your needs.

Disclosure: Vouch may share the foregoing Information with various vendors, Platform partners, payment processors, marketing vendors, cloud storage and other hosting partners, and various Third-Parties. Vouch may also share non-sensitive Information with other Users or the general public for purposes of attempting to connect You with such Users. 

It is possible that You may have the rights listed below in relation to Information Vouch has collected about You. However, these rights are not absolute, and in certain cases and as permitted by law, Vouch may decline Your request pertaining to such Information.

● Right to Know Request. The California Right to Know, under the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), grants residents the right to request specific information about the Information that a business such as Vouch collects, uses, discloses, and sells about them. This right allows California residents to:

o   Request Disclosure: Obtain information about the categories and specific pieces of personal information collected in the preceding 12 months, including the sources from which the information was collected, the purposes for collecting it, and whether it was shared or sold to Third-Parties.

o   This may include, categories of and specific pieces of Information about You, sources where that Information was gathered, the business and commercial purposes of collecting such Information, categories of Third-Parties that Vouch disclosed such Information for a business purpose and the Information shared with such Third-Parties. 

o   Access: Access a copy of the personal information collected by a business, free of charge, upon verification of their identity.

● Right to Opt-Out or Delete Request. Under the CCPA, You have a right to request the cessation of the sale of Your Information to Third-Parties and the right to request that Vouch delete Information, subject to certain exceptions. 

 ● Right to Update. You retain the right to revise and/or rectify any Information Vouch has gathered that remains necessary for the purposes outlined in this Privacy Policy.

o   Contact. See “Contact Vouch” below in order to contact Vouch for the above reasons. To ensure security and accuracy, Vouch might require information from You for identity verification before offering a substantial response to Your request. If You opt to designate an authorized agent to act on Your behalf for rights' exercise, they must present written authorization or a power of attorney. Before processing the agent's request, Vouch will need proof of Your authorization and may also require direct verification of Your identity.

Sharing for Direct Marketing Purposes: California law permits users in California to request certain details about how their “personal information” (as defined in California Civil Code Section 1798.83) is shared with Third-Parties for direct marketing purposes. With Your consent or at Your direction, Vouch may share certain “personal information” about You with Third-Parties for those Third-Parties’ direct marketing purposes. 

Users Under 18: Individuals under 18 years old, residing in California, and registered on the Services, can request the removal of their Content or Information posted on the Services. To initiate this request, contact Vouch using the information provided in "Contact Vouch" below, stating that You personally posted the content or information and specifying its location on the Services. Vouch will reasonably attempt, in good faith, to remove or anonymize the content to prevent individual identification of the minor. However, this process cannot guarantee complete removal as Third-Parties might have republished the content, and archived copies may be beyond Vouch control, residing with search engines or other entities.

Vouch will not discriminate against You for exercising any of Your rights under the CCPA or similar laws of other jurisdictions, as applicable.

10.  Other International User Specific Terms:

If You are located in the European Economic Area (“EEA”), the United Kingdom, or Switzerland, You have certain rights and protections under the law regarding the processing of Your personal data, and this section applies to You.

o   Lawful Basis for Processing: When Vouch process Your Information (e.g., personal data), Vouch will do so in reliance on the following lawful bases:

o   To carry out the Terms with You and to provide the Services (e.g., to attempt to connect You with other Users).

o   When Vouch has a legitimate interest in processing Your Information to operate the business of Vouch or to protect the interests of Vouch (e.g., to improve the Services).

o   To comply with legal obligations of Vouch (e.g., to maintain records such as consent records and opt-out records).

o   When You have given Vouch Your consent (e.g., when a User opts in to receiving marketing communications from Vouch). In such specific case, You may withdraw such consent at any time.

o   Data Retention: Vouch retains Information for the duration required to fulfill the initial purposes of collection and for other legitimate business objectives, such as compliance with legal, regulatory, or other obligations.

o   Data Transfer: Vouch employs industry-standard measures to safeguard Your Information during any transfer outside the EU, ensuring its security and legality. These measures encompass utilizing standards like contractual clauses.

o   Data Subject Requests: You have the right, with specific restrictions, to request access to Your held Information, obtain it in a portable format, request corrections or erasure, and object to or request restrictions on specific processing. Such rights may also extend to Users as part of the GDPR, including the right to access, rectification, erasure (right to be forgotten), restriction of processing, data portability, objection to processing, and not to be subject to automated decision-making, including profiling. To exercise any of these rights, please contact Vouch per the information set out in “Contact Vouch” below. 

o   Cookies: Please see the Vouch Cookie Policy above, including for how You can opt-out of cookies.

Questions or Complaints

If You have a concern about our processing of personal data that Vouch is not able to resolve, You have the right to lodge a complaint with the Data Protection Authority where You reside. Contact details for Your Data Protection Authority can be found using the links below:

o   For individuals in the EEA:

o   For individuals in the UK:

o   For individuals in Switzerland:

11.  Changes to This Policy:

(a)   Vouch may modify and update this Privacy Policy from time to time and any changes will be in effect as of the Last Updated and Effective date referred to at the top of this page or that on the Terms page. 

(b)  In the event of material changes to the Privacy Policy, Vouch will use reasonable attempts to notify You, which Vouch may do by placing a prominent notice on the first page of the Platform, consistent with applicable law. When required by applicable law or otherwise in the sole discretion of Vouch, Vouch will obtain Your consent. 

(c)   It is Your responsibility to read this Privacy Policy from time-to-time for updates and changes. 

(d)  The continued use of the Services by You after such notice shall constitute acceptance of the updated Privacy Policy. If You do not consent to such changes, You shall immediately terminate Your Account and cease any and all use of the Services. 

12.  Deleting Your Information:

Subject to applicable law, You have the option to contact Vouch (per below) to request the deletion or modification of Your Information. However, please note that Vouch will not delete your Anonymized Data and after closing Your account, Vouch will retain Your Anonymized Data. For clarity, Vouch cannot delete Your Information shared with other Users, Third-Parties or the general public. 

13.  Contact Vouch:

If You have any questions, concerns, or requests regarding this Privacy Policy or the handling of Your personal information, including if You would like certain Information deleted, please contact Vouch at:

·      By email:

·      By mail: Vouch Media, 7731 Kiva Drive, Austin, Texas 78759.

By using the Services, You acknowledge that Vouch may collect, use, share and otherwise treat Your personal information as permitted by and subject to this Privacy Policy. If You do not agree with this Privacy Policy or the Terms, You must refrain from using or accessing the Services.