AstroKobi is hiring a Video Editor!

About the role

The AstroKobi team is looking for an editor to work with us in producing some of the best educational content on YouTube. You’ll work with me directly to create engaging content that effectively communicates the topics being discussed. Knowledge of the content topics is not required but willingness to learn/ask questions will absolutely help! We have a team of animators who will help create some of the more intensive 3D animations but a strong understanding of animation will be needed to work on these videos going forward. The animation types you’d need to be familiar with would typically be 2D data visualisation, typographic animations and basic 3D environment animations.


  • ~ 2 videos per month
  • Per-project basis as a contractor
  • Videos will vary in complexity and working time so payment will be in the form of an agreed upon day-rate to accommodate. Some videos will be 2-3 full days of editing while others could be up to two weeks
  • You aren’t expected to be a master of all types of animation/editing, we work with 3-4 animators on specialised work like data visualisation, maps and 3D space renders. Your focus will be on crafting the overarching story of the video (with me) and establishing the pacing through use of animation, music, sound effects etc

About you

  • The ability to work within the Adobe suite (PP and AE)
  • Flexibility to work on ~ 2 videos per month
  • Good knowledge of YouTube and how to make an engaging video, this doesn’t mean extreme subtitles and dramatic edits but rather knowledge of story structure, pacing and visual communication.
  • The ability to take on constructive feedback and implement changes effectively.
  • The ability to learn and ask questions about the video topics with a focus on getting the science correct in the editing process
  • Familiarity with feedback software like Frame would be useful

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